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HK Trendy Washed Cotton Long Velvet Brushed Short Sleeve T-shirt

HK Trendy Washed Cotton Long Velvet Brushed Short Sleeve T-shirt

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Brand: Biographical Writing

Fabric classification: Cotton wool cloth

Flower pattern: Pure color

Collar: Crewneck

Sleeve type: General

Basic Style: Fashion City

Applicable season: Summer

Season: Spring 2022

Sleeve length: Short Sleeve

Thickness: General

Applicable Scenarios: Other leisure

Version: Standard

Because the product is manually cut, there may be a few centimeters of error between the same color and the same code,

not as an excuse to * not Bear *, we recommend that you carefully order!

Come with the printed T-shirt of the previous issue!

This is solid color...!

Formal authorization, go to HK! The product is not cheap!

But to be honest, cotton farmers are absolutely right not to make money!

Just want to ask regular customers to find cheap!!!

This fabric! This craft! Really good!

Just a few pieces per yard in stock! Speed required!!!

Summer SHOU choose material-long velvet brushed cotton!

Close-fitting bedding is a kind of material that I like to use. Just think about it and you will know how soft and comfortable it is!

Moisture absorption and perspiration keep dry, no matter softness or count is DOUBLE!

Summer close-fitting T-shirt, material must not be careless!

Let the body feel the experience of cool and soft synchronization!

Feel soft and skin-friendly, not light or heavy, just right comfort!

Multiple color options! Cost-effective series of good T-shirts!

This batch of goods are all products exported to HK, from fabric to craft!

Fabric and synchronous Printing Series exactly the same!

This is a light version without printing, and the wearing rate of solid color is higher,

the fabric is the same as WAN, you can choose which one you like, close your eyes and feel free to buy!

About size description:

you 'd better measure the size of similar clothes to compare our size chart selection,

* I don't know the size of clothes very well, so don't look for * recommended size

I measured the size by hand, and it should be different from the one you measured by hand

size shoulder width bust size clothing length
M 44CM 100cm 65CM
L 46CM 104CM 66CM
XL 47CM 108CM 68CM
2XL 49CM 114CM 70cm
3XL 50CM 118CM 72CM

172cm/130 Jin M suitable

177cm/150kg L suitable

180cm/160kg XL is suitable

185cm/185kg suitable for wearing 2XL

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