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Jamais Creamy Feel High-Elastic Long-Sleeve Top

Jamais Creamy Feel High-Elastic Long-Sleeve Top

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Material: Cotton cloth

Year/season of listing: Spring of 2023

Sleeve Length: Long sleeve

Style: Pullover



Shopkeeper recommend

[Town store Style]]

made two versions long Sleeve/short sleeve

daily and light cream korean comprehensive wear  

the style is very good mid-round neck design showing collarbone and chest without exposure

I have done something obvious waist-tight design waist Line raised to Bust size below

look good waist-hip ratio indirect lengthening lower body ratio

it seems that the foundation is actually a bit littletrick scheming

all-inclusive secondary reinforcement at the neckline please detail control

the fabric surface has grandma's soft vertical pit stripes.

Durable at the same time highlight the line feeling of big chest and thin waist

soft and weak korean beauty

baby-grade recycled fiber cotton feel amazing to your te other soft and comfortable

at the same time thickness and breathability

because it is really too good to wear, I made five colors, each of which is hard to not love

in particular, this baby green is the market I have seen so far. zui milk light green

like a light vanilla ice cream with a little cream Green, the real color is flattering

matching light color lower body will make people shine at the moment feeling

baby blue is also a baby blue with no dark tone.

White rice apricot and pink powder are also satisfied daily wear needs

enter the store B into the daily wear series

wearing it gives people a kind it is very simple to wear but very high * level casual beauty



















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